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Welcome to the Y Design Workshop website. After being in Abilene, Texas for 4+ years, I (Brandon Young) have decided to be more intentional about practicing architecture and design in this region and beyond. I believe in the power of place and the importance of regional wisdom, history, cultural influences, local material culture and landscape as teachers that inform and inspire us to continue the story that started so long ago. The creation of artifacts and architecture is a powerful means of cultural expression. Not too long ago the region I live in was a vast, almost endless prairie with expansive vistas, powerful winds, intense sun and an enormous sky. Most of the first pioneers were intimidated by the plains – it was like a vast ocean with no landmarks to guide their way.

Well, much has changed over the past century and a half, but the sky is still big (and beautiful), the wind still strong, and the sun as intense. If you are attentive, you can still see glimpses of the prairies as they must have been so long ago – and it is an inspiring sight. The Callahan Divide provides beautiful vistas and a picture of the region that is unexpected for most. These types of glimpses are compelling, and I’m looking forward to cultivating these moments through architecture. Okay, I’m going to stop there and go read Lonesome Dove or Empire of the Summer Moon now. (It’s okay for you to interrupt me with a call if you would like to work together!)

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  1. Chris Grubbs
    July 3, 2012

    I love the site and the work. Well done! Best Wishes!


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