Flight 93 Memorial Competition

Location: Stoystown, Pennsylvania
Completion: Unbuilt

Collaborative project with colleagues at EOA.

On September 11, 2001, the selfless heroism of 40 individuals on United Flight 93 demonstrated the power of the human spirit to defend others in the face of death. The memorial expression presented honors the individual and provides a collective memory for mankind. Visitors travel through the park grounds to “the Ridge.” Passage through this area conveys the poetic natural and pastoral surroundings while views of the memorial are screened. The Visitor Center and treed parking area are located at “the Ridge” in alignment with the plane’s flight path. The memorial expression is first revealed in procession through the exhibit hall.

Except for the precise intervention of 40 Memory Tributes, the ground plane of the Memorial Lawn will appear consistent with the whole of the National Park grounds. The creation of the tributes is achieved through lifting the ground plane to reveal an inner Memory Vessel of artifacts attributed to the individuals and the site history. The design and location of these tributes were developed around specific aspects of the individuals and events of that fateful day, including radial lines of the crash site, alphabetical arrangement, the direction and distance home. The Memory Vessel is designed to be in full shadow on September 11, 10:06 a.m. EST.

Flight 93 National Memorial