KOP Table System

Materials: Mahogany, Plywood w/Mahogany Veneer, Cardboard Honeycomb
Finish: Tung Oil
Dimensions (table shown): 18.75″h x 22″w x 45″l

The KOP (kit-of-parts) table system consists of interchangeable legs and tabletops of varying lengths, widths and heights allowing for multiple configurations – from a small end table to a large dining table. Since the connection between the leg panels and tabletop is standardized, the user simply chooses the preferred height and tabletop size and assembles the entire table with a wrench and four carriage bolts.

The system is designed to be lightweight, pack flat and provide a variety of finish materials. Leg and tabletop panels consist of cardboard honeycomb sandwiched between two thin sheets of plywood, which creates rigid, lightweight stressed skin panels.