Sketches from Abroad #3

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Our group made it to Scandicci, Italy (a suburb of Florence) late Friday night. After a long day of travel, we enjoyed a great meal at a Nuovo Mexico. There was no Mexican food to be found anywhere on the menu, but there was plenty of authentic Italian. So good. We spent the weekend getting settled into our new home, becoming familiar with Scandicci and taste-testing gelato. Everyone was back in class on Monday with a trip to the Duomo (a.k.a Florence Cathedral or Santa Maria del Fiore). Monday was a national holiday, so I decided to do what any sensible tourist would do and go to the top of the dome. Just like everyone else. Bright side is that long line provided me with some time to sketch.

Duomo (North Side) | Florence, Italy | 2 June 2014

Duomo north

On Tuesday, we went to San Miniato. Located on a hill overlooking Florence, this was the perfect spot for our students to do some plein air painting. While they were painting, I decided to draw the church instead.

San Miniato | Florence, Italy | 3 June 2014

San Miniato_ext


San Miniato (Interior) | Florence, Italy | 3 June 2014

San Miniato_int

When I came to Italy during graduate school, I found these great sketchbooks at a shop called Carte &… Incredible paper, binding and leather cover. I bought one and started using it for my travel drawings/sketches. It was so special that once I returned from Italy it went on a shelf to collect dust for 12+ years. Hey, I was saving it for really special trips. In reality, I got a job, had some kids, moved a few times, etc. (I should’ve been drawing in this thing from time to time over the years, because I really do love it.) Since I’m back in town, I walked to the general area close to Ponte Vecchio where I remembered the shop being – and it is still there! And so are the sketchbooks! One of our children (not the first or last) is having a birthday next Monday and I’ve been trying to figure out something unique to get her. She likes to draw and paint…

So, I bought her a small sketchbook (pictured below next to her dad’s “vintage” sketchbook from 2001) and drew a picture of Ponte Vecchio practically from the shop’s front door. Correction, I took a picture from close to the shop’s front door because Rowan was getting antsy and I was hungry. The drawing came later. By the way, if you know this particular child of mine, please don’t mention this – I’m putting it in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully, it will get back to the states before we do. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday!

Daddy / Daughter Sketchbooks


Ponte Vecchio | Florence, Italy | 3 June 2014

ponte vecchio

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