Sketches from Abroad #4

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Today, Friday, June 6 marks the end of week one in Italy. We had a short, but full, week in class with daily afternoon trips to Florence. Yesterday was the beginning of a four-day weekend for everyone, so many of the students have wandered off hither and yon. (Am I using that correctly?) Rowan and I made the trek to Sant’Agata Bolognese, which involved a 25 minute bus ride into Florence, a 35 minute train ride to Bologna and a 55 minute bus ride to Sant’Agata. What’s in Sant’Agata you ask?


Also known as Heaven for this boy. Does he look excited to be here?


This is the one and only Lamborghini factory and museum. I’m not really a car guy, but seeing these pieces of automotive art was pretty fun. Rowan’s joy was simply priceless. I think he took around 5 pictures of each car on display, so if you want to see them when we get back I’m sure he’d love to show you his collection.

Since I had some time on my hands with the multi-mode transit voyage to Lamborghini, I drew another picture of San Miniato. I love that place. This one is from the street below and I had some fun with the negative space.

San Miniato | Firenze | 5 June 2014


After we finished our time at the Lamborghini Museum (and I explained to Rowan why I couldn’t afford a 10 minute test drive in one for €120), we went back to Bologna and explored the city for a bit. I had never been to Bologna and didn’t realize until later that the city had a bunch of towers in the middle ages (12th/13th c.). The “Two Towers,” as they are known, are quite the landmark. Both of the towers lean and one of them (Garisenda) is really leaning – so much so that it had to be lowered from its original height of around 60m to keep it from collapsing. I took a picture of Garisenda and used it to draw from on the train ride back to Florence. More fun with negative space.

Torre Garisenda | Bologna | 5 June 2014


Today (Friday), we took a trip to my former Italian residence in Castiglion Fiorentino. Actually, we got on a train headed for Castel Fiorentino, which is neither the same town nor in the same direction. Fortunately, we only traveled about five minutes until I realized my error and were able to get off before leaving Florence. We found the correct train and off we went. It was so much fun visiting the little medieval town I called home for a couple of months 13 years ago! Below is an obligatory dorky photo of me in front of Santa Chiara, an old convent that houses several college programs throughout the year. And then another drawing completed (mostly) in transit.

Me (dork) in front of Santa Chiara


Castiglion Fiorentino | 6 June 2014


And finally for this installment, I’ll introduce a little color. On Wednesday, we took the students to the Palazzo Pitti and Giardino di Boboli (that’d be the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens). It was a beautiful afternoon and the views are spectacular. I found a high spot and looked east toward my friend San Miniato; however, I opted out of including the church in this particular piece.

View from Boboli | Firenze | 4 June 2014




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