Sketches from Abroad #5

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Tomorrow, Friday, June 13, will mark the end of our second week in Italy. We are moving right along, keeping everyone busy and, subsequently, very tired. This week we’ve taken a coach tour of Tuscany (Siena, Volterra and San Gimignano), visited the Accademia Gallery (home of Michelangelo’s David among other masterpieces), San Marco Museum (il Beato Angelico – wow!) and Santa Maria Novella (beautiful façade by Leon Battista Alberti and home to Masaccio’s Holy Trinity). Tomorrow we’re off to the Uffizi. It’s difficult to not be continually amazed at the amount of creative productivity in Italy alone over the centuries.

Below are a few sketches from this week.

Volterra | 10 June 2014

IMG_2620I decided I should step out of my comfort zone and draw something besides buildings/streetscapes, so I found this model named David and gave it a go. There are some issues with proportions, but I really enjoyed doing something different from my norm.

David | Accademia | Firenze | 11 June 2014


I used brush pens (similar to watercolor) for the following two drawings. The first is a courtyard at San Marco in Florence and the second is a study sketch for an abstract piece I will (hopefully) paint. This is an assignment we gave to the students asking them to create a compositional journey from Oxford to Italy.

San Marco | Firenze | 12 June 2014


Abstract Journey Study | 12 June 2014




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