Sketches from Abroad #6

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Our group arrived in Rome on Sunday around noon and we’ll be here until Friday afternoon. We are staying at Casa di Santa Francesca Romana, which is a great hotel located right in the center of “historic” Rome. (Historic Rome – talk about redundancy.) It’s the first time on this trip where Rowan and I have had a private bathroom. There’s even air conditioning! (But we really don’t need it – explanation below.) The staff is friendly (esp. Chiara Bellissimo, which is an awesome last name to have), location is incredible and the rooms are very clean. There’s a great courtyard on the ground floor with orange trees around the perimeter, and those oranges find there way into the dining room every morning for breakfast. There’s also this magical coffee machine at breakfast that, with the push of single button, will create an excellent caffè, caffè latte, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, etc.

We have developed a bit of a pattern on our multi-day excursions on this trip. It rained every day we were in Paris and it’s rained every day (so far) in Rome. I’m sure the outpouring of sympathy for me and my plight will be overwhelming. Actually, the pattern in Rome has been sun and perfect temps (no need for AC) in the morning with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. We’re trying to get our walking and outdoor sightseeing done in the morning and get under a roof in the afternoons; however, we usually find ourselves stuck in the middle of a torrential downpour. We’re in Rome, it’s not so bad. Afternoons back at the hotel has provided me with a little time to draw…

Stumbled upon this small temple, Temple of Portunus, which is located close to our hotel.

Tempio di Portuno | Roma | 16 June 2014


And I stumbled upon this as well, Theatre of Marcellus. Wouldn’t it be cool to live on/in an ancient theater?

Teatro di Marcello | Roma | 16 June 2014


Finally, just another ancient Roman wall. This is located south of the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum.

Via di San Gregorio | Roma | 17 June 2016


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