Sketches from Abroad #8

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Our group made it back home to the U.S. last Monday, June 30. We had an incredible seven weeks in England, France and Italy. It was tiring, but full of culture, creativity and, most importantly, cuisine. I recognize that we are extremely privileged to participate in such a trip and I am very thankful for the opportunity. The reception Rowan and I received at the airport from “our girls” was priceless. It is good to be home.

Since we are rapidly getting back in the swing of things at home, this will be my last post of sketches from this year’s study abroad trip. Having, or better yet, making time to sketch over the past several weeks has been a good reminder of how much I enjoy drawing. It’s a wonderful way to “see” the world around us. While I probably won’t keep the same pace as when we were traveling, I hope to continue to get the sketchbook out and observe through drawing. Maybe some of those will make it to this blog.

The sketch below is of a small courtyard Rowan and I stumbled on while walking around the Accademia neighborhood. It was a little oasis in the city – we were the only ones there. We just sat and rested for a while. I completed the sketch on a plane from Bologna to London from a photograph. (I also met members of the logistics team for Ferrari F1 on the plane. That was cool.)

Courtyard near Accademia | Firenze | 30 June 2014


I love Santa Maria Novella. It’s a favorite. I bought a leather-bound journal for my wife Jana and drew this inside. She’s my favorite.

Santa Maria Novella | Firenze | 30 June 2014


I’ve been pushing myself to do more figurative work on this trip and it’s been a lot of fun. The sculpture below, Florence Triumphs over Pisa by Giambologna, is located in Florence’s Bargello Museum. Florence, who’s got a real Greek God thing going on, is effortlessly dominating Pisa. Gotta love rivalries.

Florence Triumphs over Pisa | Bargello | Firenze | 6 July 2014


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