Sketches from Abroad #1

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I’m currently in Oxford, England with: my son Rowan, another faculty member and his wife, and a group of 21 Art & Design students from ACU. This is the beginning of week three and we’ve already taken a four day trip to Paris, spent a day in London, took a tour of the Cotswold, visited around a dozen museums and half a dozen cathedrals/chapels/abbeys. We leave Oxford on Friday for a four week stay in Scandicci, Italy – just outside of Florence. I spent a couple of months in Italy during graduate school and it was an incredibly formative experience. What a privilege it is for these students (and all of us who get to tag along) to have the opportunity to participate in such an experience.

I took and architectural drawing/sketching course during my time in Italy. That’s what we did, sketched beautiful buildings, streetscapes, landscapes, etc. throughout Italy. It’s been a while since I’ve regularly sketched on site (our students are doing quite a bit of plein air painting over here), so I’ve dusted off the travel sketchbook and jumped right in. In an effort to keep it honest, I’ll post sketches/drawings/paintings as we go along so all three of you reading this can hold me accountable. They will all be at different levels of completion depending on the time available and my ambition. (Don’t judge me when I go back and finish these in the studio later.) Cheers!

National Gallery | London, England | 16 May 2014

National Gallery


Villa Savoye | Poissy, France | 23 May 2014

Villa Savoye


St. James | Avebury, England | 26 May 2014

St. James


Bath Abbey | Bath, England | 26 May 2014

Bath Abbey

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    I love seeing the sneak peek into your trip!


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