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Okay, obviously I haven’t posted anything to this site in a LONG time. So, I thought I’d post a couple of projects currently on the boards. (Yes, I still use a drafting table, tracing paper and pens/pencils. Of course, I also use the digital equivalents as much or more.)

Garage/Apartment Addition

Some friends approached me about developing a few concepts for the addition of a detached two-car garage and apartment to their two-story house built in the late 20s. Three concepts were developed and illustrated as massing models, which just shows the basic form and size with very little architectural detail. Don’t worry, the final product will actually have things like windows, doors and probably will not be painted bright orange!). As a side note for any who cares, I stumbled across Alex Hogrefe’s blog a while back. As a graduate student in architecture, he created tutorials for several rendering techniques he’d developed. Interesting stuff. The illustrations below are based on his “SketchUp to Photoshop” process.

Scheme A

1204_scheme D

Scheme B

1204_scheme C

Scheme C

1204_scheme D


Single-Family New Construction

Recently, I’ve started working with Dustin Sizemore at Stonebridge Design. Dustin has been doing excellent custom home design for several years now and started his own business just over one year ago. Below is a bird’s eye view sketch of a house we are working on out on the Callahan Divide (a range of Mesas to the south/southwest of Abilene, Texas). The sketches were developed to illustrate the basic forms, roof geometry and how the house sits on the sloping site.

scheme C_SE

The site has great views to the south and southeast, which in the sketch above is the vast open space at the top of the drawing. I should really add something there.scheme C_look NW

This sketch was actually completed before the previous one and is looking at the house from the opposite direction, so it’s a little more rough but still communicates the relationship of the parts to the whole – I think.

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