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Howdy Y Design blog readers, I hope the dog days of summer aren’t being too hard on you. It only got up in the low 80s yesterday, the last day of July, here in Texas. By the time our family took an evening stroll, it was down around 77. What? Unbelievable. I’ll take these dog days any day.

There have been a couple of significant developments in my life over the past eight months or so that I’d like to share (as concisely as I can). First, I am transitioning to a reduced teaching load at ACU. My teaching load has been cut in half, so I’ll be teaching three studio courses per academic year. This move, which is the result of my own prompting, reflects a strong desire of mine to get back into practicing architecture and design more intently. The formation of Y Design Workshop was the first step in this process, but teaching full-time (and all that comes with it) while building an architecture practice and remaining available to my family was difficult. So, something had to give – at least a little. I’m incredibly thankful to ACU, especially my Department Chair and College Dean, for working with me to develop a plan that allows me to maintain a meaningful relationship with the University, College and Department while freeing up more time for professional pursuits. I believe the more active I am in the profession the better I’ll be in the classroom.

That brings me to the next development. I’ve recently joined the gang over at Stonebridge Design as Project Architect. I’ve developed a friendship with the owner, Dustin Sizemore, over the past few years and we’ve been kicking around the idea of working together for about a year and half now. In a relatively short time, he’s built a successful business (the evidence is in Stonebridge’s steadily growing client list) that has focused primarily on residential design. While residential design continues to comprise most of the workload, we’re hoping to steadily expand into the commercial market as well. I’m looking forward to seeing where this venture will go and feel encouraged about the possibilities.

What about Y Design Workshop? Thanks for asking. For now, I’ll keep the site up and running until we can transfer the relevant content over to Stonebridge’s site. Same is true for social media, email, etc. We’ll try to make the transition painless. I can be reached at or the same phone – 325 480 6238.

So, I’m still in the business of designing beautiful buildings in Abilene and beyond. Contact me if you’d like to do the same.

Thanks, Brandon

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